Citizen Charter

· Providing best banking facilities through systematic and transparent way in various deposits and advances schemes.

· Social Contribution through banking services.
· Economic upliftment of customers through various banking services.
· Upliftment in livelihood of all walks of people in the society through innovation in banking services.
· Liveraging best customer service.

Bank’s Commitment to Customer Service:
· Establishing highest standard in bank’s various schemes and services and best compliance in implementation.
· Extending basic banking facilities across the counter to entire class of people through Basic Saving Bank Account for deposit-withdrawal of cash/ cheque.
· Establishing ethics and values through transparency in transactions with customers.
· Ensuring compliance of legal provision relevant to various deposits and advances schemes and other services in later and spirit.
· Providing secure and reliable banking and payment services.
· Prompt redressal of customer complaints with sympathetic view.
· Adopting simplified banking services and products so as to ease in understanding and availment of benefit by socially and economically deprived class of society.