Purpose : For purchase of Tractor, Trollies and implements for cultivation of farms and for job works.
Eligibility : Individuals over 18 years of age and must possess at least 32 Kanals of irrigated Land and 48 Kanals of agriculture land (non-irrigated) which shall be mortgaged with the Bank.
Loan Amount : 75% of the Invoice Bill of Tractor 50% of the cost of Trollies and implements.

Margin :
For Tractor - 25%
For Trollies - 50%

Note : 0.25% shall be charged less from persons having Driving Licence.

Repayment Period: Maximum 60 months (Half yearly basis). Moratorium : Three months from the date of sanction or one month after the date of registration whichever is earlier. Security : Hypothecation of Vehicle collaterally secured by mortgage of land and third party guarantee of two Persons. Processing Fee : (i) upto Rs. 25000/- No charges
(ii) Above Rs.25000 upto Rs.2.00 Lakh Rs.450/-
(iii) Above Rs.2.00Lakh Rs.450/- + Rs.200.00 per Lakh or part thereof subject to maximum of Rs.30000/-
Pre-Payment : Permitted without penalty.
Linkage Shares : 2.5% of the advance made.

CHECK LIST (Tractor Loan):

Documents to be submitted by the Applicant(s), Guarantor(s)
For Proposal:
1. Transport Loan application form.
2. Personal Statement of borrower.
3. Personal statement of guarantor(s)
4. Driving License
5. Photographs of borrower & guarantor(s) (two each).
6. Performa invoice of Tractor ,Trollies and implements duly verified and accepted by the borrower.
7. Proof of age/address - Copy of PAN card/Driving Licence /Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill (Latest).
8. Income Tax Returns in case of assessee for last one year.
9. Title Deed
10. Legal Opinion
11. Fard Intiquab/Jamabandi.

Title of Property
(i) Valuation report of property
(ii) Legal opinion of property.